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November 23rd, 2013


The basic aspects that are to be taken into account when you are looking at an x-ray technician education is actually gain a good understanding on the amount of time and money that you would need to spend in order to get an x-ray technician certificate. The curriculum that can actually be featured in the x-ray technician certification would be to make sure that you actually have a working knowledge on the different kinds of physiological subjects like biology, the human anatomy, as well as getting a good interaction with physiology and psychology as well. This is very much important, as it ensures that the curriculum shall be catering to the vital needs of human being, and understanding the basic aspects that are to be found out a very short period of time.

If it is important for you to actually become an x-ray technician, it is also a good idea to get to know about the medical terminologies that can give you a head start on that particular course. . The duration in order to become an x-ray tech will be dependent upon the course and the certification that you would be opting for. If you take the help of a diploma, then you are definitely going to get the course completed within a year. If this x-ray technician would become an associate’s degree, then you would have to wait for three years in order to get this particular degree. There are also various other certifications that can provide you with a host of options, most of them come compounded, it is important for you to do your research in order to get a good idea on the amount of time that you are willing to spend in order to get quality education to become an x-ray technician.

November 17th, 2013

If you choose to start a career in radiology, there are a few areas you can decide to specialize in; an mri technician being one of them. Attending MRI technician schools entails being trained to operate a magnetic resonance imaging machine to take pictures of specific areas of the patient that the doctor requires for diagnosis.
This job is often found in hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers and also includes duties like following a doctor’s orders and requests, positioning patients appropriately, and recording and readying the diagnostic images to send to the doctor. It is a position that is growing in demand and that is in need of trained professionals, and with the right education and experience, you could expect to make upwards of $55,000 a year. Look into the different training options to see if this field is suitable for you.

Salary Range

Becoming a MRI Technician

An mri technician generally starts out by getting a radiology technician degree. The standard is a 2 year associate’s degree in radiology that will teach you the fundamentals, like medical terminology, ethics, patient care, positioning patients, and the science requirements like microbiology, pathology, anatomy and physiology.

After this 2 year degree is completed, it is then common for many graduates interested in specializing to pursue mri schools. As long as you have graduated with a radiology tech degree from an accredited school, you are eligible to switch over, and the determine which schools are accredited, you can see a list on The Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology website.

Once you are accepted in mri programs, you need to complete a minimum of a 1 year certificate program to specialize your skills and be ready for work as an mri technician, however you can opt to take additional certificates for extra training and higher credentials. Your mri certificates will teach you advanced studies in diagnostic imaging and  cover things like mri imaging procedures, mri physics and anatomy and even legal and business issues if you choose that focus. There is also a strong hands-on training component to apply your skills to the job.

Online Programs

MRI programs are also easy to find online, whether they be 1 year certificate programs or even education leading to a bachelor’s degree. You can find accredited online courses that will fulfill all your needs but at your own pace and schedule. These are ideal for people who are already working as radiology technicians and slowly want to add a specialty while already employed. You will then need to check the licensing requirements for your state, since to practice in the field, 36 states require you to pass your certification exam.

Working as an mri technologist is a smart career choice that has many openings and options. With specialized certificates from mri technician schools, it is easy to apply your radiology degree to your mri studies to advance yourself in the field. Once you find the best form of study for you, don’t delay on starting the path to your new career.